The Boat That Rocked (2009)

The Boat That Rocked is the new movie by Richard Curtis, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Kenneth Branagh, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Norrington Jack Davenport and Tom Sturridge.

Carl (Tom Sturridge) is sent to his godfather’s Quentin (Bill Nighy) boat because he messed up in school and his mother thought that it would be a good idea to have him live with some men. Unfortunately, Quentin’s ship is a pirate radio station, inhabited by the eccentric radio DJs. At the same time, Minister Dormandy (Kenneth Brannagh) tries to shut down the radio piracy, with the help of his assistant Twatt (Jack Davenport).

While the movie has a wonderful soundtrack and a good cast, the rest was unfortunately highly offensive to me as a woman and as a thinking human being. Most of the jokes were, as we say in German, “unter jeder Sau” (which might be translated to “beneath every sow” and means abysmal). At one point, I was about to walk out of the theatre and I have never done that before. If you wanna know why, read on. If you don’t want to read me rant again, you better skip the rest of the post.



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The story about John Worboys is all over the news, so I won’t go into detail. Just let it be said that apart from the crimes and assaults themselves, the way they were handled is fucking disgusting.

I just want to highlight one sentence, which strikes me as particularly observant and the short summary of everything’s that wrong. Kate Harding writes:

In London, black cabs are meant to be that safe transportation, the back-up option after you’ve flunked the first test [of being sober] of your worthiness to remain unraped. [emphasis mine]

And that sums it up nicely.

Excuse me while I go cry about the state of the world.