Rekindled Prophecy (KC Freeman)

Rekindled Prophecy is the first novel in the Greylyn the Guardian Angel series by KC Freeman.
[I won this book in a LibraryThing Early Reviewer Give-Away.]
Finished on: 08.04.2020

Greylyn has been a guardian angel ever since she died 450 years ago. She’s been working hard and she knows that she is due a little break. But when she arrives at the little Bed-and-Breakfast in Virginia, USA that hast just the right vibe to remind her of her Irish home, things go very much differently than she has anticipated. Starting with the fact that Kael is there: a dark guardian – her demonic counterpart – and a pain in her butt since her first solo mission. Plus, a seriously gorgeous guy. Greylyn knows that this encounter is not a coincidence – it is her new mission. But she still has to figure out what exactly that mission is and what role Kael plays in it.

Rekindled Prophecy was not bad, but I’m not sure it was good enough for me to continue the series. Still, if you like your fantasy with a (Christian) religious touch, you could give this a try.

The book cover showing a young woman with black hair and a young man with brown hair embracing. Both are wearing leather jackets.
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