La Soledad (2016)

La Soledad
Director: Jorge Thielen Armand
Writer: Rodrigo Michelangeli, Jorge Thielen Armand
Cast: José Dolores López, Adrializ López, Marley Alvillares, Jorge Thielen Hedderich, María Agamez Palomino
Seen on: 13.9.2016

José (José Dolores López) lives with his family in a dilapitated house in Caracas, called La Soledad. They inherited that house – unofficially – from the family his grandmother Rosina (María Agamez Palomino) worked as a maid for. José barely gets by, but he does his best, trying to take care of his daughter, his grandmother and the rest of the family. But the family is threatened with eviction from the remaining family. All that can maybe safe them is the rumored treasure in the house itself.

La Soledad straddles the line between documentary and feature film. The house was actually the house of director Amand’s family, José really his childhood friend and Armand seems to capture the images of a Venezuela in crisis very naturalistically (as far as I can tell, having never been there). And yet I didn’t get all that warm with the film.

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