Alimuom ng kahapon [Shadows of Yesterday] (2015)

Alimuom ng kahapon
Director: Rosswil Hilario
Writer: Rosswil Hilario, Rolando InocencioJulius Lumiqued
Cast: Angelo IlaganD.M. SevillaJong CuencoMailes KanapiManuel ChuaSebastian CastroJubail Andres
Part of: Transition Festival
Seen on: 16.11.2017

Emman (Angelo Ilagan) is a student who devotes most of his time to activism, protesting school fees and trying to create a more equal world for everybody. Nathan (D.M. Sevilla) is sent to one of the demonstrations to take photos for his newspaper. When he sees Emman, he feels immediately drawn to him and continues to go to demos. When violence erupts at one of those, Nathan pulls Emman to safety, kicking off a relationship that has to deal with more than its fair share of problems.

Shadows of Yesterday is a film that tries a lot and fails a lot. But at least they tried, I have to give them props for that.

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