Dark Night (2016)

Dark Night
Director: Tim Sutton
Writer: Tim Sutton
Cast: Anna Rose Hopkins, Robert Jumper, Karina Macias, Conor A. Murphy, Aaron Purvis, Rosie Rodriguez, Kirk S. Wildasin III
Seen on: 10.9.2016

6 strangers in a city, leading very different lives, but all heading towards the same point that night – one where violence erupts. But traces of that violence are everywhere, fragments of the very real shooting at The Dark Knight Rises premiere in Colorado.

Dark Night is not a documentary of the Aurora shooting, nor is it a dramatization of the events. While it does use details from and media coverage of the shooting, it doesn’t so much attempt to reconstruct what happened but to show a caleidoscope of details, rearranging everything until there’s very little left that even has the possibility to make sense at all.

It’s an ambitious project and an interesting cinematic attempt, but ultimately, it’s a film that I wanted to like much more than I actually did.

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