Donauinselfest [Danube Island Festival]

The Donauinselfest is an annual open-air festival in Vienna. They got music, food, sport stuff and almost 3 million visitors in the course of one weekend. (As far as I know it’s the biggest open-air festival in Europe and it’s free.)

I usually avoid it like the plague – it’s just too big and too crowded – and the first and up till now last time I actually went was in 2003. But this year I ended up going twice. On Saturday, I wanted to catch Attwenger and Russkaja and on Sunday The Beth Edges.


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Three Days, Three Festivals

Apparently, the first May weekend is the ideal weekend to make festivals in Austria. Because suddenly, there was stuff happening everywhere. There was the 10th birthday party of the Museumsquartier with live acts, workshops and general action. There was the popfest, a free festival with and for Austrian music. And there was also the Seaside Festival at the Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf. And honestly, I’m not at all interested in surfing – but the bands playing there? Awesome.

But that also meant that I felt like I had to clone myself at least twice to see everything I wanted to see. And since my home cloning kit is kinda old and the regulations nowadays are quite a bitch, I decided that I would have to make do without some of the stuff I wanted to see and prove my mastery of time management.

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Austria has it’s own MTV without the reality shows and without presenters who see their main duty in selling themselves by being hip. It’s called gotv [German] and what you get is music videos, interviews with bands and singers and almost no stupid talk as there’s hardly any presentation at all. I love it.

Anyway, even they are not safe from making mistakes. Today, they interviewed Russkaja, an Austrian based, multi-cultural band. And the disembodied voice who does the presenting says:

“Russkaja are known to have one of the best live shows in and around Austria. Some band members even leave the stage during the show to flirt with girls.”

So, to make a good show means to leave the stage? I can give them the best show ever then: I won’t even go on stage…