SF-paraati [SF-Parade] (1940)

Director: Yrjö Norta
Writer: Tapio Piha
Cast: Ansa Ikonen, Tauno Palo, Aku Korhonen

Ansa (Ansa Ikonen) is a tour guide in Helsinki, Tanu (Tauno Palo) is a cab driver and they both flirt a lot with each other as they drive around the city. But suddenly both of them find themselves unemployed. In a burst of creativity, they end up writing a song together – Tanu the melody and Ansa the lyrics. A song that proves increasingly popular and that could mean an end to their financial problems – if only they manage to keep their relationship together as well.

The film was shown at the Filmmuseum where it’s description promised that the light musical comedy covered way more critical subtext and showed all the problems of Finnish pre-WWII society. To be honest, I did not see that subtext – but I did enjoy the main text.

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