Shadowland is a dance show by the Pilobolus Dance Company that mostly just shows the dancers’ shadows.

The story it tells is a bit of an Alice in Wonderland variation: a young girl comes to a magical world where a godlike creature gives her a dog head. She has to live through a few adventures and travel this world before she can be turned back into her own self. Or is it just a dream?

Shadowland works perfectly as long as they stick to the work with the shadows. There are breaks inbetween with more usual dance routines which fail to impress. But these are short and don’t dampen the overall enjoyment of the show.

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Shadowland (Peter Straub) – DNF

Shadowland is a horror novel by Peter Straub.

[Just to be perfectly clear: the DNF in the title means “Did Not Finish”. So this is not going to be a review, just a summary of the impressions I had of about the first third of the book and why I did not finish it.]

Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale become friends when they go to boarding school together. One summer, Del invites Tom to his uncle’s house. This uncle, Coleman, is a magician and promises to teach Del and Tom the trade. But it seems that Coleman is not only an illusionist but practices actual sorcery.

As I said before, Shadowland starts out as a rather normal boarding school story, if rather dark and with a lot of foreshadowing. This is not generally something bad but if the book is touted as a horror novel, I expect differently. And when I choose a horror novel to read, I want differently. Now, I read a good third of the book (maybe closer to half of it) and the book just didn’t pick up pace.

It’s not badly written but it just wasn’t what I wanted to read. And it didn’t deliver what it promised, or at least not quickly enough. I kept going for as long as I did because I actually quite liked the writing style, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to keep me interested.

Teaser Tuesday

After English class the next day we had a free period. Morris and his trio had permission to practice on the stage, and so did Del; the club performances were now only three weeks away.

Peter Straub – Shadowland

[This is supposed to be a horror novel but so far (around p. 100) it reads like a rather dark boarding school story for kids. I’m a little disappointed. And bored.]