Anna & The Asteroid (2017)

Anna & The Asteroid
Director: Scott Sherman
Writer: Scott Sherman
Cast: Shannon Woodward, Peter Grosz
Seen on: 10.6.2019

Content Note: stalking

There’s an asteroid (Peter Grosz) heading towards Earth, because it is in love with Anna (Shannon Woodward), a woman. But its approach spells apocalypse for all of Earth.

Anna & the Asteroid has an interesting concept that could have been an excellent analogy for stalking – because that’s what the asteroid does. Instead it becomes a story about a woman sacrificing herself for the sake of the world (after a life-changing encounter with a human man that cures her of her nihilism). And that is questionable to say the least and ruined the film for me.

The film poster showing the silhouette of a woman in yellow on a black background. She is looking up at a big yellow asteroid above her.