Bao (2018)

Director: Domee Shi
Writer: Domee Shi
Cast: Sindy Lau, Sharmaine Yeoh, Tim Zhang
Seen on: 3.8.2018

She (Sindy Lau) has always hoped for children, but never had them. When one of the dumplings she made comes to life, she is therefore overjoyed. But parenting isn’t easy.

Bao is a wonderfully sweet and touching short film with beautiful animation. It uses a great metaphor extremely well, managing to be both seriously heartfelt and funny at the same time. There is so much crammed into those 8 minutes, it’s really amazing – and a testament to Shi’s narrative skills. Just lovely.

Meditation Park (2017)

Meditation Park
Director: Mina Shum
Writer: Mina Shum
Cast: Pei-Pei Cheng, Tzi Ma, Sandra Oh, Don McKellar, Zak Santiago, Jemmy Chen, Lillian Lim, Alannah Ong, Sharmaine Yeoh
Part of: FrauenFilmTage
Seen on: 6.3.2018

Maria (Pei-Pei Cheng) and Bing (Tzi Ma) have been married for many years and things are fine. That is, until Maria suspects that Bing has been having an affair. As Maria questions her marriage, she starts to question her entire life – and decides to make some changes. She takes up a job, makes friends and goes for a fresh start.

Meditation Park is a Coming of Age story, with the twist that the person coming of age is definitely not a teenager, but a middle-aged to older woman. It’s a spin on the story I very much loved, as I loved the entire film.

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