Answering Questions Asked Through Google VI

In the last weeks, my blog got most hits through Christian Bale and Christian Bale’s wife and Christian Bale wife.

On the one hand, I’m really flattered that people actually turn up on my blog when looking for Christian Bale or Sibi Blazic, on the other hand, I can’t help but be afraid that people will be disappointed, when they do – I’m not much into the things like “oh, Christian [I hope you don’t mind that I call you that, Mr. Bale] did not look happy, I’m afraid that he’s getting divorced!” [which is NOT TRUE! Or maybe it is, but I wouldn’t know.]

Anyway, here’s today’s question [I won’t answer “who is christian bale married to?” again, although it came complete with question mark]:

“is sibi blazic croatian”?

[Before I answer: Why do people care so much about the nationality of actors or actor-related people? Not that I’m an exception to the rule. But it is kind of weird, isn’t it?]

Sibi Blazic was born in Chicago, grew up in Bosnia and now lives in Los Angeles. As usual, I don’t know, what exactly that means, because I don’t know, what she would define herself as. But I’m pretty sure that she would not define herself as Croatian.

[Btw, I hope that no one takes it personal that I categorised Sibi Blazic under Christian Bale, I just didn’t know where else to put her. If you have another suggestion, please let me know!]