Snuff (Terry Pratchett)

Snuff is the eighth of the Discworld novels about the City Watch by Terry Pratchett [reviews of the others here].
Finished on: 15.3.2018

Sam Vimes needs a break. Or at least that’s what his wife Lady Sybil is convinced of. And since she’s very persuasive and has Lord Vetinari’s support, Sam Vimes finds himself carted off to the country with Sybil, their son Young Sam and their butler Wilikins. But despite the tranquility of the Sybil’s country mansion it doesn’t take very long for Vimes’ police instincts to kick in: he is convinced that there is something going on there and he is sure to find out what it is.

It’s been a while that I read a Discworld novel and I don’t know if it was too long, but in any case, Snuff didn’t work all that well for me, unfortunately. It does have its strengths (and Sam Vimes), but yeah, I would have liked to like it more.

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Snuff (Chuck Palahniuk)

Chuck Palahniuk (official site and really good fan site) is one of my favourite authors ever. Snuff cemented my love for him again.

The book is about porn queen Cassie Wright, who wants to set a record by sleeping with 600 men during one shoot. It’s written from the perspective of Mr. 72, Mr. 137 and Mr. 600, and her personal assistant Sheila.
As the men wait their turn and Sheila keeps things organised, we get glimpses of their backgrounds, snipets of porn trivia, but also rarely known facts and rumours about big Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a Palahniuk without a twist nobody expected.

I loved it. It’s funny, well researched (as far as I can tell) and he manages to mention the greatest porn titles ever (although he doesn’t mention Shaving Ryan’s Privates, my personal favourite. Probably because it’s not really a porn, but a documentary).

This time I thought that I would get his twist, before he revealed it. But I was wrong, of course.

It’s a “I want to read it again”, perfect novel, with one fault: it’s short. It took me maybe 4 hours to read, and I’m a rather slow reader.

In related news: He’s got a new book scheduled for spring 2009, Pygmy.