Le Fear (2010)

Le Fear
Director: Jason Croot
Writer: Jason Croot
Cast: Kyri Saphiris, Spencer Austin, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Ilona Saic, Andre Samson
[Screener Review.]

Carlos (Kyri Saphiris) wants to shoot a horror film. He’s got a small studio and even an investor lined up whom he might have promised a little too much. So he didn’t get Brad Pitt, he just got Leon (Spencer Austin) who has at least the same size ego as you’d expect from a big star. His lead actress Debbie D (Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty) might never have actually acted outside of porn. And his werewolf may be wearing a raincoat. But Carlos is sure that he can work around all of it. He’s probably wrong.

Le Fear has a lot of good ideas and some very nice moments. But despite it’s short 60 minute runtime, it does drag in places. lefear Continue reading