Blick in den Abgrund [Profilers, Gaze Into The Abyss] (2014)

Blick in den Abgrund
Director: Barbara Eder
Writer: Barbara Eder
Interviewees: Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm, Helen Louise Morrison, Roger L. Depue, Robert R. Hazelwood, Stephan Harbort, Gérard Labuschagne

Blick in den Abgrund is a documentary about six different profilers and criminial psychologists. It takes a look at their work, their process and thinking and the toll the work might take on them.

Much is made of the professional Profiler in popculture. In movies they make Holmes-worthy deductions, narrowing down the list of suspects until there’s only one left who just has to be the pychopath. Eder’s movie comes from that awe. But instead of giving you a realisitc, but still admiring look at the profession, for me it had an almost discrediting effect.


[Slight Trigger Warning]

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