Mei ren yu [The Mermaid] (2016)

Mei ren yu
Director: Stephen Chow
Writer: Hing-Ka Chan, Stephen Chow, Chi Keung Fung, Miu-Kei Ho, Ivy KongSi-Cheun Lee, Zhengyu Lu, Kan-Cheung Tsang
Cast: Yun Lin, Chao Deng, Show Lo, Yuqi Zhang, Hark Tsui, Zhang Wen, Kris Wu
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 25.9.2016
[Review by cornholio.]

Shan (Yun Lin) is a mermaid with a mission. She and her people have been all but entirely pushed out of the sea and the very last corner they can still call their own is now severely threatened by the rural developments led by Liu Xuan (Chao Deng). So Shan – as the best walker – is chosen to find Xuan and to assassinate him. But she is fascinated with life on the shore, and with Xuan himself and soon finds herself questioning her own loyalties.

I had laughed my ass off at both Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, so my expectations for Chow’s most recent outing as a director were quite high. I’m happy to say that Mei ren yu was one of the funniest, silliest film I have seen in a very long time. Every second of it is brilliantly entertaining, even if there’s a serious core message in the film as well.

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