9 Dead Gay Guys (2002)

9 Dead Gay Guys
Director: Lab Ky Mo
Writer: Lab Ky Mo
Cast: Glen Mulhern, Brendan Mackey, Steven Berkoff, Michael Praed, Vas Blackwood, Fish, Simon Godley, Carol Decker, Raymond Griffiths, Abdala Keserwani, Karen Sharman, Leon Herbert, Steven Woodhouse
Seen on: 9.12.2018

Content Note: ableism, homomisia, antisemitism

Byron (Brendan Mackey) and Kenny (Glen Mulhern) are two Irish guys in London who make their way through the gay scene there. To make some cash, they dabble in sex work. But one night, their customer Queen (Michael Praed) ends up dead. Rumors of a cash-filled bed abound and more men end up dead as Byron and Kenny hope to get to the cash in the bed.

9 Dead Gay Guys is what happens when somebody decides that the trouble with “politically incorrect humor” is that it simply doesn’t have enough gay guys. I thought it was a catastrophe.

The film poster showing the outline of a guy hanging from a noose.
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