Mooncakes (Wendy Xu, Suzanne Walker)

Mooncakes is a comic written by Suzanne Walker and illustrated by Wendy Xu.
Finished on: 8.7.2021

Apprentice witch Nova lives with her two grandmothers, and works with them in their magic supply store. Out in the woods one night, Nova stumbles upon her childhood friend Tam in their wolf form. Tam, who left town many years before and only just returned, is battling a horse demon. Together, Tam and Nova manage to scare it away, but of course, neither of them can let the demon roam free. As they figure out what to do about the demon, they also need to figure out their relationship with each other.

Mooncakes is a supercute, magical, queer story about a witch and a werewolf. And if that isn’t enough for you, let me also say that it’s really good.

The book cover, showing Nova and Tam standing back to back. Nova is holding a steaming plate of cookies, her hand hovering over it as if performing magic. Tam is tasting dough from a bowl they're holding.
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