What Love Looks Like (2020)

What Love Looks Like
Director: Alex Magaña
Writer: Alex Magaña
Cast: Margo Graff, Josh Gilmer, Tevy Poe, Connor Wilkins, Kate Durocher, Nathan Kohnen, Taylor Alexa Frank, Trevor Sean, Ashley Rose McKenna, Jamie Shelnitz, Jack Menzies, Kyle Meck, Ana Ming Bostwick-Singer, Gabriella Wisdom, Kylee Wofford, Ian Nemser
Seen on: 1.2.2020
[Screener review.]

Dating is hard and there are many different ways in which it can be hard. Summer (Jamie Shelnitz) and Calvin (Connor Wilkins) are trying their hands at online dating. Sam (Nathan Kohnen) has difficulties getting over Willow (Gabriella Wisdom) who left a big hole in his life. Nicole (Kate Durocher) would just like her boyfriend Owen’s (Josh Gilmer) attention for once. Theodore (Jack Menzies) thinks that Bailey (Ana Ming Bostwick-Singer) is the most beautiful girl ever, but that doesn’t mean he can just go and talk to her. And when Finn (Kyle Meck) finally gets up his courage to talk to Penelope (Taylor Alexa Frank), it’s only to discover that she is returning to London soon. Will all of them figure out ways to deal?

What Love Looks Like is a sweet film. Given its episodic nature, at least one of the stories is bound to resonate with you, most likely scratching any romantic itch you might have. I enjoyed it, though I didn’t completely love it.

The film poster showing five romantic constellations.
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