The Driver (1978)

[The movie was part of the road movie special at the Filmmuseum.]

The Driver was written and directed by Walter Hill and stars Ryan O’Neal, Bruce Dern and Isabelle Adjani.

The Driver (Ryan O’Neal) drives getaway cars for robberies and he is very good at his job. But The Detective (Bruce Dern) is already close on his heels. The Detective catches a gang of criminals and makes them hire The Driver to catch him in the act. Even though The Driver is suspicious, he goes along with them, but he hires The Player (Isabelle Adjani) to distract the police.

When I went into the film, I was expecting a good action flick, but I got a dose of Teh Stoopid. I was so extremely bored by this movie. It’s pretty crappy, but unfortunately, the moments where it actually crosses into craptastic territory are very few and rare.

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