The Panther (Rachilde)

The Panther is a short story collection by Rachilde. I read the German translation by Paul Zifferer and Berta Huber. The collection was edited by and includes an introduction by Susanne Farin, as well as an essay by Max Bruns.
Finished on: 17.2.2019

The Panther is an interesting collection of rather dark stories. Their tone is often a little emo, but definitely nicely written, even if the translations are rather dusty (the book was printed in 1989, but the translations are from 1911 and 1918). Rachilde has repeating themes in her stories which makes them a little monotonous when you read them all at once. But I liked them. What I hated was the essay by Max Bruns – that was pretty much unreadable because it is filled with sexism.

The book cover showing a simple drawing of a naked woman with a panther rubbing against her crotch.

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