The Shaman (2015)

The Shaman
Director: Marco Kalantari
Writer: Marco Kalantari
Cast: Danny Shayler, David Sayers, Susanne Wuest
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 4.11.2015

In the future a global war has broken out, a war that is thought with the help of giant battle machines who come with their own AI. But at the same time that technology has seen this giant leap, there has also been a resurgence of magical knowledge, in particular shamanism. Shamans like Joshua (Danny Shayler) believe that everything has a soul, even objects like the battle machines. Thus they become the best weapon against battle machines through the dangerous process of converting their souls.

The Shaman is an interesting mix of technology and spiritualism and with it of science fiction and fantasy. But it feels that to me like the concept was a little much for a short film – I felt a little overwhelmed by it all. But that doesn’t make the idea less interesting or the special effects less good. I’m just not a hundred percent sold on it.