TV stuff

I thought I’d get you up to speed with what shows I’m watching right now – maybe someone wants to talk about one of these shows, or recommend others?

I’m in happy TV-land right now and might be overdoing it a little. But then again, when there’s good stuff, you have to take advantage of it, don’t you?

  • Finished Season 2 of True Blood. No surprise there, I guess. But I’m thinking about actually trying the books again because the ending of this season and what Alan Ball said about the next left me on tenterhooks and I don’t know if I can wait for Season 3. [SPOILER] Thank Goodness that Maryann is finally gone. What’s up with Annoying!Tara? And please, let Jessica and Hoyt work things out, I really liked them together! [/SPOILER]
  • Started to watch Sanctuary and finished the first season. While I thought most of the stuff was pretty unimaginative and a little stuck on clichés, I somehow still got hooked. So it won’t be my most favourite show ever, but I guess I’ll still continue watching. Though I have to admit that their constant use of the word “abnormal” bugs me to hell. [SPOILER] Does anybody else think that even non-vampire Tesla has more teeth in his mouth than any person should have? What’s with Brainwashed!Ashley? And can somebody please exchange Amanda Tapping with an actress who can actually act? [/SPOILER]
  • Picked up watching My Name Is Earl again. I don’t remember why, but I stopped watching in the middle of Season 3, probably for no good reason. I now finished this season and will start Season 4 as soon as I have a disc drive that actually works.
  • I finished Season 1 of the Sarah Jane Adventures (in the absence of all things Doctor and Torchwood) and it is actually quite amusing, even if really for kids. I’m now getting into Season Two and waiting for a Doctor cameo.
  • I rewatched Ally McBeal and remembered why I never finished it. Season 1 is very good. Season 2 is fine. Season 3 starts to drag a bit. Season 4 is good again. And Season 5 sucks great big ass.
  • I finished the fifth season of The Closer. [SPOILER] Watching the fights between Brenda and Captain Raydor was pure joy. Huge props to both, Kyra Sedgwick and Mary McDonnell. [/SPOILER]
  • Leverage is pretty cool. But what’s with this break right now? Why doesn’t it go on? [SPOILER] And I’m afraid what will happen if Sophie really doesn’t come back. She is one of the best things about this show. [/SPOILER]
  • The start of the second season of Fringe is already awesome. I’m really looking foward to what happens next. [SPOILER] Butbutbut WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE CHARLIE??? And will there be another Spock cameo? [/SPOILER]
  • Watched the pilot for Eastwick. I am not convinced. [SPOILER] Couldn’t they have found an actually attractive Devil? [/SPOILER]
  • Community on the other hand, had me laughing right away. That one’s a keeper. [As far as I can say that after two episodes.]
  • I watched the first season of Nurse Jackie and it is pretty awesome. I love Jackie and I’m really looking forward to Season 2. Although it does give me weird Twilight-crossover reactions. [SPOILERS] Peter Facinelli, in Twilight Carlisle the Doctor, in Nurse Jackie Fitch the Doctor, has a nervous tick where he grabs women’s breasts when he gets nervous. Everytime he does that in the show, I’m tempted to say, “CARLISLE! YOU’RE A MORMON VAMPIRE WHO PROBABLY NEVER EVEN TOUCHES HIS WIFE’S BREASTS, LET ALONE THOSE OF ALMOST COMPLETE STRANGE NURSES AND DOCTORS!” And then I remember what I’m watching… [/SPOILERS]
  • Watched the pilot of FlashForward and so far, they’ve got me. I mean, how could I not like a show that has Shakespeare, Sulu, Merry and Captain Norrington? And Alex Kingston is always a plus. And the mystery intrigues me. Of course, there are some faults with the pilot and this is only a preliminary report, but…
  • Glee is kind of a serialised High School Musical. It’s sweet and the music is really good. But if they won’t stop focussing solely on the white able-bodied people and keep the sassy black girl and the shy Asian girl and the boy in the wheelchair the stereotypes and the “look at us, we’re so politically correct” casts they are now, I won’t be watching it much longer.
  • I’m a little behind on Numb3rs, but I plan to rectify that. And then I can watch the new season.
  • Season 2 of Dollhouse started with quite a bang… [SPOILERS] So, Echo/Caroline remembers already? And Dr. Saunderson character development is pretty amazing. And I loved that we got a closer look at Topher. And also the scence with De Witt and Victor. [/SPOILERS]
  • The same old awesomeness in the new season: Castle, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Eureka.
  • Season Premiers I’m still awaiting: Lie to Me (tonight, yay!), 30 Rock.
  • New shows I’m gonna try: V, Three Rivers (Alex O’Loughlin is all I’m going to say to that).