Girl Asleep (2015)

Girl Asleep
Director: Rosemary Myers
Writer: Matthew Whittet
Based on: his own play
Cast: Bethany Whitmore, Harrison Feldman, Amber McMahon, Matthew Whittet, Eamon Farren, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Danielle Catanzariti
Seen on: 6.4.2017

Greta (Bethany Whitmore) is almost 15 and just started at a new school where she is befriended by Elliott (Harrison Feldman). When her well-meaning mother (Amber McMahon) wants to help her find her social footing by throwing a birthday party for Greta and inviting everyone, Greta is mortified. Feeling the pressure of the situation and of growing up in general, it’s no surprise that some of Greta’s fantasies my run away from her a little bit.

Girl Asleep is a funny and sweet film that shines when it works with fantasies but loses a bit of its glow when it turns to more mundane moments. Nevertheless, it’s a coming-of-age film that is worth checking out even in a well-saturated genre.

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52 Tuesdays (2013)

52 Tuesdays
Director: Sophie Hyde
Writer: Matthew Cormack
Cast: Tilda Cobham-HerveyDel Herbert-JaneMario SpäteBeau Travis WilliamsImogen ArcherSam AlthuizenDanica Moors
Part of: Viennale

Billie (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) has been living with her mother (Del Herbert-Jane) – but now her mother decided to officially become James. During his transition, he asks Billie to move in with her father Tom (Beau Travis Williams), but promises that they will see each other every Tuesday. In a year full of changes, over the course of the next 52 Tuesdays, Billie and James have to work out a lot of things together and separately.

52 Tuesdays was a beautiful film. Touching, sensitive and thoughtful, it approaches its topics with a lot of care and understanding and keeps you engaged throughout.

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