Knives and Skin (2019)

Knives and Skin
Director: Jennifer Reeder
Writer: Jennifer Reeder
Cast: Kate Arrington, Tim Hopper, Marika Engelhardt, James Vincent Meredith, Tony Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Dodds Frank, Audrey Francis, Robert T. Cunningham, Alex Moss, Claire VanDerLinden, Ty Olwin, Jalen Gilbert, Grace Smith, Kayla Carter, Raven Whitley, Aurora Real de Asua, Haley Bolithon
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 27.10.2019

Caroline (Raven Whitley) heads out to the lake with Andy (Ty Olwin) to make it out. But things go from romantic to bad pretty quick and Andy leaves Caroline behind, driving off with her glasses still in the car. Caroline never makes it home that night, leaving her single mother Lisa (Marika Engelhardt) to slowly unravel as she frantically starts the search for Caroline. The girls in her school, some of whom she used to be friends with, are deeply affected by her disappearance, too. As is Andy who can’t bring himself to admit to his relationship with Caroline and the way they parted that night. The longer Caroline stays missing, the worse things get for all of them.

Knives and Skin was one of the best discoveries for me at this year’s Viennale. A surreal musical that manages to be funny at the same time as being emotionally devastating, it completely stole my heart.

The film poster showing a young woman with a bloody head, a woman in profile in pink and a young woman with warrior paint in her face.
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