Yonayona pengin [Yona Yona Penguin] (2009)

[Yeah, you guessed it, Anilogue.]

Yonayona pengin [translates to, I think, “Every Evening Penguin”] is the newest Mad House movie by Rintaro, written by Tomoko Konparu.

6-year-old Coco loves Penguins, of all kinds. She has a special penguin costume that she got from her father, who disappeared quite a while ago. Every night she explores the world around her in this suit, believing that one day it’s going to make her fly. One night, she meets Chaley, a goblin who takes her to its world. The goblin world is under threat by Bucca-Boo and his henchboy Zammie. Because of an old prophecy, the goblin people place all her faith in Coco to save them.

Yonayona pengin is wonderful. Sweet and funny and great. It was the one movie during the Anilogue that was actually meant for children, though adults can enjoy it as well [it has quite a few nods for the adult audience a child is not going to get]. That means that the story might not be the most innovative around, but the loving details make more than up for that. And it’s beautifully animated, with an incredible production design.

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