Unterleuten (Juli Zeh)

Unterleuten is a novel by Juli Zeh. Unterleuten is the name of a village, but also a pun: “unter Leuten” literally means “among people”.
Finished on: 31.5.2018

Unterleuten is a remote village in Brandenburg. It has become a favorite destination for city people growing tired of Berlin and preferring to live in the country, like Gerhard and Jule or Frederik and Linda. Not all of the original villagers are happy about that, but they are more occupied with their own rivalries like Gombrowski and Kron who have been fighting for decades. Things start to escalate when an energy company announces that it wants to build a wind farm right next to Unterleuten – a lucrative opportunity for some, a catastrophe for others.

Unterleuten has great characters and a really amazing setting. It’s really fascinating to see how many ways things can go to hell, but I would have liked a less depressing ending.

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