Venus im Frack [Venus in Evening Wear] (1927)

Venus im Frack
Director: Robert Land
Writer: Ladislaus Vajda, Erich Nossen
Cast: Carmen BoniEvi Eva, Georg AlexanderMax HansenIda Wüst, Albert SteinrückHenri De Vries
With music by: Rana Farahani, Ursula Winterauer
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 24.10.2016

Dorothee d’Espard (Carmen Boni) is an emancipated woman and a lawyer working on divorce cases. If it were up to her, she’d divorce every woman from her husband. Needless to say that she doesn’t even think about getting married. Her best friend Hortense (Evi Eva) and right hand seems so share Dorothee’s views, but only pretends to hate her husband Georges (Max Hansen). When Georges’ best friend Charles (Georg Alexander) meets Dorothee, he actually finds her intriguing and so Hortense, George and Charles come up with a plan to cure her of her misandry.

Venus im Frack is so incredibly sexist and misogynistic, it basically becomes its own persiflage, also helped by the fantastic and very modern music that accompanied the screening. But I shudder to think that people actually took it seriously at some point.

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