Nothing Personal (2009)

Nothing Personal
Director: Urszula Antoniak
Writer: Urszula Antoniak
Cast: Lotte Verbeek, Stephen Rea
Seen on: 18.5.2021

A young woman (Lotte Verbeek) is traveling alone through Ireland. She just separated from her partner in Amsterdam, and has no interest in connecting with the people in Ireland. She just wants to keep moving. When she stumbles upon a lonely, very remote house, she wants to stay. The house’s owner, Martin (Stephen Rea), offers her food if she works with him in his garden, which she accepts – under the condition that they will exchange no personal information.

Nothing Personal is a minimalist film that is all about living in the present, but with none of the exhilaration that usually comes with that sentiment. It’s a thoughtful film that unfolds as much after you watched it as during.

The film poster showing Anne (Lotte Verbeek) spooning Martin (Stephen Rea). She is naked, he is covered completely by a white sheet.
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