Milla (2017)

Director: Valérie Massadian
Writer: Valérie Massadian
Cast: Severine JonckeereLuc ChesselEthan Jonckeere
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 20.10.2017

Milla (Severine Jonckeere) and her boyfriend Leo (Luc Chessel) find shelter in an abandoned house. They are both very young and Milla is pregnant. While Milla looks at the world with a certain carefree outlook, Leo struggles to find a job to support them. But somehow they make it work, at least for a while.

Massadian’s first film Nana was an almost magical experience, so I knew I had to see Milla, while at the same time worrying if it could ever possibly live up to Nana. But I need not have worried – Milla is a beautiful, emotional film and a worthy sophomore film.

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Nana (2011)

Director: Valérie Massadian
Cast: Kelyna Lecomte, Marie Delmas, Alain Sabras
Part of: Viennale

4-year-old Nana (Kelyna Lecomte) grows up with her mother (Marie Delmas) in a very remote plot of land, not far from her grandfather’s (Alain Sabras) farm. But one day when she comes home, the house is strangely empty. And so Nana starts to explore on her own.

Nana is an enchanting little film that I wanted to see again as soon as it was finished, especially since I felt that I missed a whole lot the first time round.

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