A Perfect Pairing (2022)

A Perfect Pairing
Director: Stuart McDonald
Writer: Elizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy
Cast: Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Luca Asta Sardelis, Samantha Cain, Craig Horner, Antonio Alvarez, Lucy Durack
Seen on: 10.6.2022

Lola (Victoria Justice) lives for wine. She works at a wine-company who try to get the right wine to the right people. But after a falling-out with her boss (Craig Horner), Lola tries to do it on her own. Step one of her master plan? Fly to Australia and convince millionare with a vineyard Hazel (Samantha Cain) that Lola should be the first person to import her wine into the US. But Hazel is little convinced by Lola’s pitch. To prove herself, Lola suggest that she could work at Hazel’s farm. Hazel agrees and asks her foreman Max (Adam Demos) to find a space for Lola. Max is not amused. As Max and Lola work together more, though, their appreciation for each other grows though.

A Perfect Pair is a rather standard RomCom that doesn’t bring much new to the table, nor a whole lot emotion. But it is elevated above mediocrity through Victoria Justice’s energy.

The film poster showing Lola (Victoria Justice) and Max (Adam Demos) sitting under a tree with sheep and a vineyard behind them.
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Afterlife of the Party (2021)

Afterlife of the Party
Director: Stephen Herek
Writer: Carrie Freedle
Cast: Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Robyn Scott, Adam Garcia, Timothy Renouf, Gloria Garcia
Seen on: 24.3.2022

Cassie (Victoria Justice) loves to party and to not take things seriously. This puts her at odds with her best friend since forever, Lisa (Midori Francis) who maybe takes things too seriously. On the occasion of Cassie’s birthday, they go out together with some of Cassie’s friends. When Lisa wants to head home, Cassie is upset and the two of them fight. The thing is: this is Cassie’s last night on Earth. Next thing she knows, it’s a year later and Cassie has to fix things with the most important people in her life – Lisa, her father (Adam Garcia) and her mother (Gloria Garcia) or she will have to spend her afterlife in hell instead of heaven. Fixing things is easier said than done, though.

Afterlife of the Party is okay. It’s not exactly great cinema but it is fun enough. I was a little disappointed, though, how the film interpreted “fixing things” with Lisa.

The film poster showing Cassie (Victoria Justice) in a sparkling dress raising a martini glass. Behind her are neon wings and a halo.
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The First Time (2012)

The First Time
Director: Jon Kasdan
Writer: Jon Kasdan
Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Britt Robertson, Craig Roberts, Lamarcus Tinker, Victoria Justice, James Frecheville, Joshua Malina, Christine Taylor, Molly C. Quinn

Dave (Dylan O’Brien) and Aubrey (Britt Robertson) meet at a party. Even though Aubrey has a boyfriend and Dave is desperately trying to let Jane (Britt Robertson) know that he’s been in love with her for years, the two of them have an instant connection. A connection that will quickly change things for both of them in the course of a single weekend.

The First Time was really sweet. It wasn’t a great masterpiece of cinema, but it was fun, enjoyable and despite a couple of clichés, it did give us a different perspective on teenagers in love than we usually get.


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