Im Kampf mit dem Berge [Battle with the Mountain] (1921) + ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester

Im Kampf mit dem Berge – 1. Teil: In Sturm und Eis – Eine Alpensymphonie in Bildern
Director: Arnold Fanck
Writer: Arnold Fanck
Cast: Ilse RohdeHannes Schneider
Part of: Film and Music Cycle in the Konzerthaus
With music by: Paul Hindemith, played by the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester

Ilse Rohde and Hannes Schneider are two skiers who decide to climb the 4.500m high Lyskamm mountain. It takes them three days to make the trip and return, during which a camera team follows them to document their climb that is neither easy nor without danger.

I’m not a mountain person (weird for an Austrian, I know) and watching people risk their lives to climb a mountain, look around for a bit and then descend again, makes me uncomfortable, both in theory and in practice. That being said, Im Kampf mit dem Berge is a beautifully shot film with great music and probably one of the best films that could have been made with that material.


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City Lights (1931) + Timothy Brock and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

City Lights
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Writer: Charlie Chaplin
Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Harry Myers, Hank Mann
Part of: Film and Music Cycle in the Konzerthaus
With music by: Timothy Brock, played by the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

A Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) falls deeply in love with a blind Flower Seller (Virginia Cherrill), so much so that he even spends his last money to buy a flower off of her. The girl mistakes him for a rich man though, which at first seems irrelevant. But when the Tramp meets the Millionaire (Harry Myers) – by keeping him from committing suicide – he is rewarded for it, though not always reliably, and starts to make the girl’s life easier whereever he can by courting her as a rich man.

City Lights is a wonderful film – in equal parts funny and touching. And Brock’s music is beautiful and really sets the mood for the entire thing.

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