pure beauty

Yesterday, I went to see Away From Her.  I think I did my crying for Febuary, now.

It was very beautiful, very touching, very calm and very well done. The casting was perfect. Julie Christie was amazing (and I hope that once in my life I look as beautiful as she does now), as well as Gordon Pinsent who left me wanting him as my grandfather, he’s so cute (some people may analyse now how never knowing my own grandfathers influenced me…). And of course, Olympia Dukakis.
I’m pretty sure that it’s a romanticised view of Alzheimer’s disease but I don’t think that it was meant to be an accurate description of it, which is fine. Sometimes escapism is a wonderful thing and if I really wanted to see Alzheimer’s in all its ugliness I could go to the next hospital or other institutions. (Which I never do because I’m scared shitless that I could get it and I’m really, really grateful for every movie which doesn’t make it seem so bad. Very sad, yes, but not so bad.)

My congratulations to Sarah Polley, I think she did a wonderful job.

Btw, Auden’s Letters from Iceland quoted throughout the movie sound like a beautiful read, this goes on my wishlist.

5 thoughts on “pure beauty

  1. I think it actually does show Alzheimer’s in its ugliness. Aspects of it, anyway.
    The emotional ugliness, rather than the physical one (see hospital, or ‘Iris’, which was good as well).

    I didn’t even know that Auden wrote prose. Because I’m a cultural ignoramus. But the quotes were beautiful (as are his poems) – but I guess I’d prefer it as an audiobook…read by Gordon Pinsent, ideally ^_^

  2. Yeah, he has a beautiful reading voice. I’ll write him a letter, maybe, asking him if I could call him granddad and if he would mind reading to me every night…

    It only shows the ugliness it wants to show, the parts that sell, the hurt feelings, etc. Which I said before is ok, but it’s not all there’s to Alzheimer’s.

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