25th Hour (David Benioff)

David Benioff is probably best known for his work as a screenplay writer (25th Hour, Stay, Troy [yes, that one’s not to his honour], The Kite Runner and the upcoming Wolverine). But 25th Hour is actually based upon a novel written by him and that’s what I read. [He’s not at all known for his looks but he should be… see.]

The novel is rather short and a quick read. The film is rather literal in it’s making (I think, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it), I like that. I read it in German and the translation is very good. There wasn’t even one time that I thought “god dammit, where’s the editor?”.

To get a glimpse of the style you can have a look at K.’s.

I like his characters and the book made me cry. (I didn’t expect that, as I knew the ending. Obviously, that didn’t matter.)

I would like Benioff to write another novel. I would definitely read it.

2 thoughts on “25th Hour (David Benioff)

  1. I was blown away by Benioff’s 25th Hour. It’s on my list of favs. It’s so much restrained yet so full of emotions. The one day brings out so many emotions and details one would never have thought of. Haven’t seen the movie though. Since Norton’s there, dying to watch it.

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