Coraline (Neil Gaiman)

I’ve heard a lot that children books by Neil Gaiman are scarier than his books for adults. I’ve already read most of his books for adults and I finished Coraline today. And it is much scarier than anything else I read by him. It’s also very gripping and I would definitely read it to my children (if I had any).

It’s beautifully told and I love Coraline, she’s such a sweet girl. It also pulls you right into the world and doesn’t let you go. Exactly what you would expect from a novel by Neil Gaiman. I know why I love that guy.

Only two problems with it:

  1. It made me miss my station in the subway.
  2. It’s short.


Btw. They’re making a Coraline movie, in case you didn’t know.

8 thoughts on “Coraline (Neil Gaiman)

  1. Yes. (!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!)

    Coraline was even scarier that The Wolves in the Walls – and it was fantastic!

    I can’t wait for the movie (even though I’m sceptical about 3D…).
    And I can’t wait for The Graveyard Book.

    (Could I be any more of a fangirl? I think not. Aw well…)

    Gaiman, unlike Coelho, has my deep and abiding love.

  2. Yeah – a Coraline movie. Apparently with Teri Hatcher (from Desperate Housewives) starring as the Mother. Why oh why? Now I’m totally torn – must watch…yet won’t be able to without grinding my teeth, I can’t STAND Teri Hatcher, she’ll RUIN IT!!

  3. Maybe it helps that you don’t have to see her? It’s an animated movie after all.
    But I know what you mean. I wouldn’t have chosen her for this role, although I do not share your obvious dislike. I just don’t really care about her.
    I’m more worried about the 3D part. I saw Beowulf in 3D and it was not good.

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