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I’ve seen Troy, finally. And I have to say that it was better than I thought it would be. Which doesn’t say a whole lot, because I expected it to be as bad as Alexander or Kingdom of Heaven.
I actually like Troy. All because of Eric Bana, Peter O’Toole and Sean Bean.


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is nice. It just has two huge flaws:

  1. What’s up with the accents? I hate it when they shoot films in English which are set somewhere else and to make up for it that it’s not the original language, everybody talks with an accent. It’s just not logical. It’s either prentending that English is the national language in Greece, than only the Italians and Germans should have accents when talking, or you shoot in the original language (in this case Greek, Italian and German) and use English as the language they communicate in when not talking to each other or just use subtitles.
  2. When having the choice between Christian Bale and Nicolas Cage, who in their right mind would choose Nicolas Cage?

Christian Bale Nicolas Cage



Audition is one freaky movie. I didn’t know much about it when I watched it and the slow development and the beauty of the first half of it, lulls you into safety.

It features one of the most beautiful shots I’ve ever seen.


And then it gets so seriously crazy…


When the bag moves for the first time, I almost had a heart attack.
One of the worst scenes ever in any film is the one, where Asami goes “Kiri, kiri, kiri”. Especially, because in German you say “Kille, kille, kille” when you tickle someone and it’s phonetically really close. I don’t think I can ever tickle my nephews (or anybody else for that matter) again without seeing needles everywhere.



Snakes on a Plane was even worse than I thought it would be. Couldn’t they even get someone who could believably animate snakes? It is really, really sad to watch. Nevermind the story which is thin as it is, but they could have at least made the snakes look like real animals.


Black Snake Moan features Samuel L. Jackson as well, but no snakes, which is good. From the trailer, you’d expect a completely different movie. But the film it actually is, is really good. Interesting, different, disturbing, very good characters and acting. Christina Ricci was amazing. And I wouldn’t have thought that Justin Timberlake could actually act.

The ending was a bit disappointing though. It came a little fast, compared to the pace of the rest of the movie and it was a little too optimistic for my taste.


  1. You have to watch Alexander: The Final Cut and Kingdom of Heaven: The Director’s Cut; both are vastly superior to Troy…vastly.

    Kingdom of Heaven is actually a pretty good film; just that Orlando Bloom…well he sucked. But great visuals, great supporting cast and a mindblowing OST. Sigh…I urge you to watch the Director’s Cut. Pleeease!

  2. I have to admit that both Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven worked perfectly as comedies. I don’t think I ever laughed as hard in an intentionally funny movie.

    Orlando “I have one single facial expression” Bloom sucks a lot. And that’s a problem as he’s the main character in KoH. Anyway, when I have time in summer or so, I will give the director cuts a try. Maybe they’ll convince me otherwise. Right now, I can’t imagine how this would be possible.

  3. Hmm Kalafudra, just a question. How long did take for you to realize that Movies are actually all made in English (basically the Hollywood ones)? Why I am asking you this is because when I was in Germany In my younger years I was totally unaware that all movies have been dubbed into german. I thought they were made like that. :)

  4. I don’t know… I don’t remember having an epiphany one day “Oh, the movies are translated!”. I just never thought about it. When I watched Mila Superstar, I knew it came from Japan and was not in German, originally. I must have been ten or twelve or something like that.

    So, sorry, I can’t really say.

  5. Hi there –

    Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I’m still alive and will probably be getting my shit together sometime soon (or not..dunno).
    I’m glad I converted you to Shake-ism.

    Anyway – what I wanted to say:
    1. I saw Jumper – and I’m still laughing (but not at the jokes). Samuel L. Jackson looks like a Guinness. ‘Nuff said.
    2. Orlando Bloom (!!!) just snatched the lead in the upcoming movie trilogy – wait for it – PRINCE OF PERSIA. It’s produced by Disney and Brookheimer. The only downside: Uwe Boll is not the director, Mike Newell is. *sigh* I am looking forward to this shit for soooo many reasons ^___^

  6. @Swen: Well, I grew up bilingually so it was not very surprising for me to have things in different languages. Though TV and movie was always in German.

    @deadra: Honey, I was going to call you tonight but I was in the movies. Anyway, good to hear from you.
    Jumper is so bad, it isn’t even funny anymore. When you say that SLJ looks like a Guiness, are you thinking of C? Because C is so much hotter, Guiness or not.
    I have to admit that Orlando Bloom fits the optical requirements of the role. Maybe someone will notice someday that he can’t act. Anyway. Sounds like the world has lost a great Uwe Boll movie.

  7. I’ll call you tomorrow sometime…suitably late, of course.
    Yes, C is hotter. We laughed about the Guinness-thing together, when I told him.
    I miss C. I really, really, really miss him.
    Maybe he can come visit, if I pray to St Coca Cola.

  8. Perfect. I have uni til quarter to ten so any time after that is good.
    I miss C, too. His ninja and cheese stories. His sense of humour. His kindness. I pray to St Coca Cola every day that he can come back. Or that I can go there. Whatever is more suitable for Its Holiness.
    Why do the wonderful people always have girlfriends and have to be far away and generally are unreachable?

  9. And I ask myself why on USA movies, when they (try to) reproduce some Brazilian character or they speak Spanish or they have spanish accent???
    We live at South American but speak Portuguese!!!!
    This is just as funny as the geography erros, like the classice scene at “I know what you did last summer” when Jennifer Love Hewitt wins a Radio promotion by answering the question “Which is the capital of Brazil”…..”Oh, Rio de Janeiro??”….”Yes, you win!!!”.
    These people should make some research before filming a scene like that, it’s just desrespectfull to have that taped.

  10. @Gisele:
    Very true. I lived in Brasil for a while and I don’t know how many people asked me how my spanish was coming along (“Pretty badly,” I’d say, “but my Portuguese is doing fine!”)

    I didn’t know about the scene in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. But according to my experience with US Americans, that could actually be a realistic depiction.

  11. @Gisele
    I am not sure about the geographical error in that. Cause in the movie, i think if i remember correctly, they mention that the whole thing was a setup and they even got the answer wrong.

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