Maybe I should make myself such a wheel…

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14 thoughts on “Maybe I should make myself such a wheel…

  1. this is exactly why I stopped blogging. too damn predictable. (my wheel would go like “university sucks” ,”people are strange”, “taekwondo rulez”, “baby is sweet because…”, “rupert everett is nice as ever” and “godot still didn’t show up”)
    anyway, I miss babbling about stuff to a partly unknown audience… maybe I should re-launch with a weekly-blog or stuff.

  2. @deadra:
    Oh come on… don’t tell me that never occured to you? He’s an intelligent & good-looking writer. Perfect combination for a little fantasy…

    When I’ve designed mine (and it’s successful), I can help you with yours. But I do think that it’s something you need to do yourself…

    Though it’s nice when people read what you are posting and probably even enjoy it, I do blog mostly for myself. And when all I have to write about is movies and books (or babies and taekwondo) that’s exactly what I’m going to write about.
    I’d love to have you back online, even if it’s “only” once a week.

  3. No. It really didn’t occur to me.
    I don’t know…I have a massive crush on his mind, that’s true. But if I want a Neil Gaiman-mindfuck, I just read one of his short-stories (Snow, Glass, Apples usually does the trick. Or the one with Susan, from the Narnia books…they get me every time!!!)
    I think of NG as that kind of ideal father I never even realised I wanted. He’s cool, he knows everybody, he’s quirky, … *sigh* Maybe he’ll adopt me.

    My blog-wheel would be a little “My life sucks”, “Nothing happened”, and “Odd stuff found in long hours of browsing” amid 95% “Forgot/Didn’t bother/Couldn’t think of stuff to blog.” (And that goes for both blogs, unfortunately. Mea culpa.)

  4. and there you have me back online…. consequence-schmonsequence *dadidada* (*whistles*)
    Thanks for your support :)

    @ Neil Gaiman’s looks: I take it, we’ll never-ever have to fight over a guy.

    PS: Did I not tell you to go to bed when you have a headache? :-P

  5. @deadra:
    Maybe it’s because I have a strong father figure in my life that I don’t need any others and am free to fantasise about other things…
    Though if he adopts you, it’d probably be getting weird (me = your stepmom???), so I’d need to stop.
    [Just for clarification’s sake: I don’t fantasise about him all the time, there are other guys out there as well :P. And when I read a book by him, it’s not about him at all.]

    Btw. still haven’t looked at your other blog (because, still, nothing turns up when I google it), what’s up on that front?

    Welcome back!
    Would you have liked my support more along the lines of “Don’t start blogging again, you need the time for yourself (which is true, but blogging can be time for yourself as well), and anyway, I hate what you write (which is not true).”
    Or did I read sarcasm into your statement where there is none?

    Was there ever any doubt about us not fighting over guys? :P

    And I went to bed early (before midnight!!!) because of my headache.

    When you’re done, you gotta show it to me! :)

  6. My blog is all me. Talk about predictable, heh. And like you said, my blog is for me; the reading audience is kind of incidental.

    What’s dismaying is the realisation that you don’t have a wheel with a single spoke; hence I reckon I can’t make my own wheel. ::pouts::

  7. @Charl:
    I was thinking about designing the wheel with two spokes and then I’d have to get the two topics into one single entry, which could be fun…
    But you can design your wheel just as you want it!

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