At least, don’t forward it…

My weekend was pretty uneventful. Therefore I had the time to go to the cinema and watch Be Kind Rewind.

I liked it, although I did expect a little more from it. The sweded movies are fun and – in the times of the ever growing popularity of youtube, where an estimated 95% videos are remakes of other youtube videos – it wonderfully shows a new art form that emerged in the past years.

I also really, really loved the movie about Fats [I hope that was the guy’s name, I’m not sure right now) – it was beautiful.

Mos Def was great, as was Sigourney Weaver. Marcus Carl Franklin was there as well (although you didn’t see much of him).

And now come the buts… Michel Gondry could have shown more of the sweded movies (btw, you can watch them and a sweded trailer here), they had me under my seat, laughing. Jack Black could have toned it down a bit, he was overacting as usual, but this time it just didn’t fit the movie and the mood.

I do think it’s worth a watch, but you could have made a lot more of it.

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