So Unlike Me

Yesterday was Movie Time! I finally got around to seeing Iron Man. (Ok, that is still like me, I’ll let you know, when it’s not anymore.)

There where cool trailers before the movie. (One of the trends that majorly piss me off, is that they show about 10 minutes of advertisement for cell phones and against video piracy and then – if you’re lucky – they show you one trailer. Not this time…) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which I’m very excited about. The Happening, which sounds interesting but as it’s a M. Night Shyamalan film after about 5 minutes there will be the first obvious plot “twist” and it will continue to “surprisingly twist” its way and steal 2 hours of my life, if I actually decide to watch it. But goddammit, he has good trailers. And some other trailer I enjoyed but can’t for the life of me recall right now. [Edit: It was Hancock. I really hope that film will be all it promises to.]  [This is all still like me.]

Anyway, Iron Man was great. Although not the most creative or innovative film ever (at least plot-wise), the story’s good, the acting very good [Jeff Bridges hasn’t played that well since The Big Lebowski] and the A.I. soooooooooooooooooooo cute. [And I knew that I knew Jarvis’ voice.]

And here’s the turning point.

At that exact moment I stopped being myself and started thinking “Oh WOW, Robert Downey Jr. is frigging hot!” Not that I don’t think about guys that way, but Robert Downey Jr.? He’s a deadra kind of guy. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just usually the opposite of my taste.

It even came to the point where I began pondering about who’s gonna be hotter in The Incredible HulkEdward Norton or Robert Downey Jr. This should not be happening.


  1. I would be sensitive if this was a realistic guy crisis. But to think you have a guy crisis even in your fantasies.. thats just .. *ROFL*

  2. You know, I thought I’d seen all the things Mr.Downey Jr. was capable of. That was until the very scene you pointed out. I never thought he’d have a killer physique.

  3. @ Swen: :P yeah, that’s reality coming to haunt me.

    Maybe I can work something out with the guys… Like
    Monday: Edward Norton
    Tuesday: Nathan Fillion
    Wednesday: Robert Downey Jr.
    Thursday: Eric Bana
    Friday: Sendhil Ramamurthy
    Saturday: Gerard Butler
    Sundays: Christian Bale

    Or something. *starts thinking*

    @baph: It’s nice to be surprised, isn’t it…

  4. Well, I figured I won’t start like that, I’ll just ease the guy in to it, let some time pass and at some point, it will be seven guys on seven days and I can choose whoever I want to… :P

  5. @Kalafudra: Just to clarify? So that I can be on the same page. What exactly are you gonna do with these guys with such detailed planning going into spending time with them?

  6. Well, I guess I can sum that up pretty nicely with “anything and everything”.

    What would you do with 7 gorgeous girls? [of course that includes them adoring you and wanting exactly what you want.]

  7. This comes a bit late, but yeah, Downey Jr.? Definitely frigging hot. Intelligent hot, to boot. My mind is a happy place with him traipsing about deliciously.

    PS: What exactly is a Deadra kind of guy?

  8. Deadra’s my best friend and her kind of guys are usually I little too slick for my taste (I hope she doesn’t kill me for saying this) – a little too beautiful.

  9. In short a Daedra kinda guy = me (with a bit of slick). As a self-centered man who loves to swim in hubris, the idea of 7 girls fawning over me would be heaven. And I would probably do “anything and everything” too.

  10. I think I will have to leave it to Deadra to judge if you’re her kind of guy… although I could probably give you an estimate beforehand. :P

    Anything and everything pretty much covers it, doesn’t it?

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