On Chesil Beach (Ian McEwan)

You gotta love Ian McEwan. Even though all his novels I’ve read are as disappointed, despairing and devastating/-ed as a small girl, whose lolly just got stolen from the clown who promised to find her parents after she lost them because they were fighting because her puppy got run over. (I’m sorry, that analogy sucks. I was just trying to think of the saddest thing ever and that was all I could come up with.) There are some things that really speak for him. Like…

… his prose, which is just wonderful, fitting and insightful.
… his characters are so real, you can actually see them.
… his sadness, which is never cynical.
… his ability to write a book like On Chesil Beach which has a very thin plot but still manages to surprise you and keep you hooked.
… his addictiveness – his books always leave you begging for more, which makes you extra careful to enjoy what you’re reading.

Do I really have to say more?

2 thoughts on “On Chesil Beach (Ian McEwan)

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