Answering Questions Asked Through Google III

Today’s question is pretty easy:

“is gerard bulter an irish or an american”

The answer is: neither.

Gerard Butler was born in Glasgow, which is in Scotland, which is in the United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain. But, according to the imdb, he’s of partial Irish ancestry (and therefore doesn’t have a tartan).  

Nowadays, he lives in London, New York and Los Angeles.

I hope that helped! Until next time!


  1. I love this. Many times, I have looked at a google search term that led to my blog(sample: “how long does it take to become an air hostess”, shaken my head sadly and wondered whether the person ever got their answer :) Maybe I should also write a post answering the most common questions!

  2. I like it, too… Sometimes I wonder about the questions. Sometimes I wonder why people actually type questions into search engines. But as I always try to be of assistance, I figured I start to answer the questions… :)
    If you start to do that, I can tell you that you will surely learn some new things.

  3. Butler is actually has Irish ancestry on both sides of his family. His family on mother’s and father’s sides moved to Scotland before the 2nd World War. He’s a Scot having been raised there but his blood, like many other Scots from Glasgow, is Irish.

  4. Well, it’s never too late to learn, is it! But I think that we can count him as Scotish, seeing as his family moved there rather long ago… To get a final answer, though, I guess, we would have to ask the man himself. :)

  5. You may want to check out this website.

    you will find info like this:

    Currently known Irish Family Tartans:

    Finniegan, Finigan
    Kennedy Weathered
    O’Reilly, Reilly, Riley

    Brady, Dress Blue

    Logan Ancient

    Bryant Flynn
    Logan Modern
    O’Sullivan, Sullivan

    ********Butler ***************
    Lynch O’Carroll (Clan Cian)

    Casey, Dress
    Gallagher Ancient
    O’Connor Dress

    Donnolly Ancient
    Kelly Dress

    Irish National & County Tartans:


  6. I think that the not having a tartan part – which I took from the imdb, btw – was about Scottish Clan Tartans, which Mr. Butler doesn’t belong to, because he’s (at least partially) of Irish Ancestry. If he does have a Irish Tartan (meaning if he actually belongs to the Irish Tartan having Butler family), then I apologise. :)

    But I guess, if he has a Tartan or not, doesn’t really matter.

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