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Deadra and me went to the movies and watched The Incredible Hulk. Before I plunge into my point of view on the movie, let me say this: I’m not a Marvel girl. I don’t know much of the Marvel universe. And I’m not much of a Hulk fan, either. I watched the last Hulk because of Ang Lee, I watched this one because of Edward Norton and Tim Roth.

Deadra, on the other hand, is a Marvel girl (and doesn’t understand my obsession with Batman and Superman) and the film did for her, what it couldn’t achieve for me: One fan girl orgasm after the other. [NICK FURY!!! POSSIBLY DR. STRANGE!!! IRON MAN!!!] [Okay, I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.‘s appearance as well.]

Apparantly, meaning imdb says, (almost) all the small hints to the Marvel universe (which were really nice as far as I got them) were Edward Norton’s idea, who worked on the script (talented bastard…).

Oh, Sweetie...
Oh, Sweetie…
Not so sweet
Not so sweet

So, after these preliminaries, here’s what I thought: They managed to keep the Hulk the same size – big cheers for them! Although I think that they proportioned him wrong (his hands are bigger than his head… That’s not good), I like the not-so-neon version better. And according to the imdb, his colour changes with his mood, which is a really cool idea. But I didn’t notice while watching.

I really enjoyed the acting, especially Edward Norton and Tim Roth (who seemed a bit bored, though, and had some crappy lines), but also Liv Tyler. Finally, not a girl who just waits to be saved (actually, I expected her at one point to cry out, “If you want him, come and claim him!” Which, I think, is partly due to her voice). [Oh, and I kept thinking, “where do I know General Joe (Peter Mensah) from?” Here’s the answer.]

The Abomination really was the ugliest thing ever, and the bones, oh my GOD, THE BONES! Really, you can do almost anything gross on screen and I won’t even flinch, but bones sticking out somewhere, where they are not supposed to stick out and maybe even see the process really does it for me. I didn’t expect to have to fight myself to not close my eyes in that movie.

Unfortunately, the action scenes were boring. You could make it a challenge to find out, in which movies we saw stuff like that already. They could have been a little more creative.

And why did they change his story again? Can’t you at least agree on how he became the Hulk?

And what’s up with this sonic canon? That must have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen (in its depiction, at least). It looked like they were trying to blow dry the Hulk to death.

So, summarising: Acting good, references good, writing sucked, directing sucked.


  1. Lol… blow drying the Hulk .. that’s a new view. Hmm ..was there a reference to Dr Strange? I didn’t catch or don’t remember it.

  2. I think the reference was Tony Stark mentioning that he puts together a little team, but I don’t really know. I just tried to imitate deadra’s cries of pleasure after the movie. Maybe she should answer this…

  3. Eddie Norton nails the part of a confused broken man with puppy eyes perfectly. If you notice, he doesnt have to try too hard to win the audience’s sympathy for his characters. All he has to do is stand there, look melancholic and breathe.

    I like Ang Lee’s Hulk a lot. And by a lot, I mean a ‘lot’. Except for the ending and the fight with the mutant dogs, that movie was incredible.

  4. Man…I loved Ang Lee’s Hulk a lot too. When Betty finds him in SF; that scene totally makes me melt.

    “You found me!”
    “You weren’t that hard to find.”
    “…yes, I was.”

    I sigh like a little girl every damn time.

    Oh I’m a DC person too. Think Swenny’s a Marvel guy though…

  5. @baph:
    You’re right, he does nail it. But then again, I haven’t seen him in a role yet that he doesn’t. And it surely helps that he does have puppy eyes. :)

    @baph & presti:
    I know that you like the Ang Lee Hulk. Maybe I should give it another shot. I was really disappointed the first time round. I don’t know if watching it again would really help.

    @the guys:
    YAY! DC!DC!DC! ;)
    Finally, one time that I don’t have to defend myself as to why I like DC better than Marvel. And deadra knows so much more about it that I can’t really win…
    [Fortunately, we’re usually both only half-serious.]

  6. Does that mean it’s my turn to be defensive about my Marvel-philia? Oh well…
    It’s not that I don’t [i]understand[/i] kalafudra’s fascination with Superman and Batman. I just don’t share it. But I’m also the person who prefers freaky radiation accidents to gloomy & depressing character development…so I shouldn’t be casting stones.

    @ Swen: No, Dr Strange wasn’t in the movie. But he should have been. Because he RULEZ. [*walks off to take cold shower*]

  7. @Kalafudra: You should give Hulk another go. I loved the way Ang Lee brings out Hulk’s anger and confusion by placing him in these large meditative environment. I found the imagery to be laden with metaphors. Not to mention the fact, that some of the scenes have a very graphic-novel like multiple perspective to it.

  8. Okay, baph, for you, I promise to give it another go. So, as soon as I have the chance, I will get it and watch it and then I’ll let you know if I changed my mind. Good? :)

  9. I’ll have you know that I also own other things. My insanity, my head-in-the-clouds-ness, my nerdiness…and an awesome Marsupilami cereal bowl. So there.

    Also, count me in for the Hulk-recap. Maybe we can do it the evening before or after the Historical Epics-recap. If there’s enough booze left ;-)

    Nothing from AD, so far *pouts*

  10. Oh yeah, the awesome Marsupilami cereal bowl. I, on the other hand, own a Simpsons glass and a Superman mug. :)

    I still don’t know when we’re going to the Historical Epics-recap. Any ideas?
    And I’d be happy if you joined me…

    AD, the sucker… But he will get in touch, I know :)

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