Am I a Horrible Person?

When I browsed through the newspaper yesterday, there was a short article (in German) about a woman, who got killed by a falling tomb stone on one of Vienna’s cemetaries.

And, oh, the irony of that made me laugh. Getting buried by a tomb stone… Okay, maybe I’m just a bit morbid.

[When I read the more detailed online article, I stopped laughing, though. Apparently, the 200 kilo stone left her head free, therefore not killing her right away. People stopped to help, but couldn’t lift the stone off of her. And to add insult to injury death, the police contacted the (presumed?) relatives, who said that they didn’t know her.]


5 thoughts on “Am I a Horrible Person?

  1. Short answer – no.

    Reading that headline would make most laugh. A sense of appreciating black humour or gallows humour is even rarer than just plain vanilla sense of humour. You reflect enough and I am sure the woman’s soul won’t haunt you.. :-)

  2. You’re Viennese…black humour is in your blood.
    That doesn’t mean you’re malicious or cold-hearted. (You stopped laughing when you read the details – q.e.d.)

    I think I even read a version that went “Woman buried under tombstone” – of course I laughed. How else would you respond to the absurdity?

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