So, Neil Gaiman blogs today:

So I don’t have to write lots and lots of emails back to all the journalists:

1) Yes, I am writing a two part Batman story.
2) Yes, Andy Kubert will be drawing it.
3) Yes, it will be two oversized issues.
4) No, I don’t plan to say anything else about it until it’s all written and drawn.

(I just called my Visa card to fix something, and found myself being asked if I was the Neil Gaiman. I said yes, I was. “So,” said the Visa person, “Are you going to be writing an episode of Dr Who?”)

Neil Gaiman + Batman = fangirl orgasm for me
Neil Gaiman + Batman + Andy Kubert = multiple fangirl orgasm

Batman as drawn by Andy Kubert
Batman as drawn by Andy Kubert

Neil Gaiman + Doctor Who would be another fangirl orgasm. But I guess, I will have to wait for that a little longer.


  1. I know!! I can’t wait…January can’t get here soon enough!

    I really hope that he plays around with one of the existing villains or heck even base the story in Arkham. The last thing I want Gaiman to do is a crappy story like Batman: Hong Kong.

    Oooh Andy Kubert…his artwork on Uncanny X-Men was bloody brilliant inspite of the middling writing. Damn…I think I’ve wet myself. In excitement. :\

  2. @presti:
    I’m jumping up and down with excitement, I really do… So looking forward to this!!! I hope that it will live up to my expectations… And a story in Arkham is a very, very cool idea!

    as for your second comment: *blush*

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