The Viral Video Was Right!

If you remember, a while ago I posted the viral video to Tropic Thunder. Now, finally, life has caught up with anticipation and I was able to see it.

And from start, and by start I mean the fake trailers (more on that later), to finish, I laughed. I laughed so hard, I cried. This was definitely the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long, long time.


The fake ad for Bootie Sweat… Who would want to drink something called Bootie Sweat?

The fake trailers – I could have done without “The Fatties”, but I liked what they did with it later (People just think I’m funny when I fart…).

“Scorcher VI – Global Meltdown” was hilarious – Ben Stiller‘s hair, the babies and the absolutely annoyed voice of the Trailer Speaker Person. (What’s the official title of that guy anyway?)

But the best thing definitely was “Satan’s Alley”. Robert Downey Jr. just had to blow out that candle and you knew that he was portraying a gay character. Tobey Maguire actually looked good and when they started to fondle each other’s rosaries, I thought I would die. How I survived the “Five times Academy Award Winner Kirk Lazarus and MTV Movie Awards Winner Best Kiss Tobey Maguire”, I’m not sure. And that the whole thing referenced Wonder Boys makes it even better. [Btw., here’s the official homepage of Satan’s Alley.]

There was this woman sitting behind me, who said, “Well, those are like the fake trailers from Saturday Night Live!”, which only added to the hilarity… Really? You know what kind of movie you’re in, right?

And that was when the movie actually started.

I loved it (did I mention that before?). The whole movie had a lightness to it, as if some friends decided to make a funny youtube video. Something, which most definitely betrayed the enormous effort that went into it.

And all the side characters! Steve Coogan was great (have you ever seen A Cock and Bull Story? It’s hilarious), although he exploded much too soon. Tom Cruise probably put me off dancing for ever and actually showed a sense of humour. Matthew McConaughey was never better casted.

And the countless cameos!

I expected this film to be funny, but I didn’t expect it to be that funny. Stiller, Downey Jr. and Jack Black are a dream team. They even managed to reconcile deadra, who had decided never to see either a Ben Stiller nor a war movie ever again.

And just to finish this, [because, seriously, I can’t say more than this movie is great, it’s hilarious, go and see it!] a guy in the row behind me after the movie: “It’s like a movie about movies, dude…”

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2 thoughts on “The Viral Video Was Right!

  1. Hehe – it’s great to know that some people share my taste in movies.

    Friday was movie-day here in the middle of nowhere. So I joined a group of people for “Wall-E” (twice in 6 days, yay), and recommended “Tropic Thunder” to my sis and her boyfriend.

    The evening ended as follows:
    Friends who watched Wall-E: “WTF? Why weren’t they talking? And why was it so slow?? It didn’t exactly suck, except that it did.”

    Sis & boyfriend: “That movie was weird. You liked it? You’re weird.”

    *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

  2. I can kind of see how Tropic Thunder wouldn’t appeal to everyone. Although it was really funny… :)

    But not liking Wall-E? That’s gotta be a mistake!

    You aren’t weird, you have weird friends. ;)

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