So, to make things easier for everybody involved, from now on, there’s going to be a bit of structure in the link posts…


Wonderful sculptures by Liz McGrath.

Did you know Tennessee Williams painted?


Facebook and Twitter for fictional characters. The author of this article should get over herself, I think it’s a cool idea.

Hilariously bad covers.

Thank Goodness! Another book-networking site, which looks really cool! I had about 10 non-internet minutes a day left in my life and now they are filled!

The first ever fantasy magazine, which exists solely as a podcast.

A list of Haunted Libraries (in the US).

Very short Halloween stories. And from last year (with Neil Gaiman).

A nice interview with Stephen King (who has a new short story collection coming out in November).

The Book Club Cook Book – recipes, which fit books.

Richard Dawkins goes a bit too far. Just a tad

Vampires and other demonic lovers.


Chocolate sounds pretty interesting.

Soderbergh plans 3-D rock’n’roll Cleopatra musical. I love the headline, but I’m not sure about the concept…

A new movie, written by Irvine Welsh, about a Scottish rap duo, who had to pretend to be American to get a record deal (true story!). I can see myself laughing already.

About Watchmen (including Trailer). And here, a nice gallery.

Christopher Nolan about shooting or not shooting a sequel to the Dark Knight.

Trailer to Choke. [Have I told you how excited I am? I’m just reading the book and it’s hilarious. And Sam Rockwell is the perfect cast. There can never be enough Palahniuk books and movie adaptations…]

Here’s one I can’t wait to see: Colin Firth and Snoop Dogg riding their bikes round Amsterdam, getting stoned for a documentary called Super Smoke Me.


Icelanders are not terrorists. (BoingBoing’s headline had me in pieces: Icelanders don nonthreatening knitwear, insist they are not terrorists despite UK government’s claims.)

Stupid Halloween Display

Completely Different Things

John Hodgman on The Battle of the Stars ride.


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Oh, the best part of that “Facebook and Twitter for fictional characters” piece was totally the comment war at the end. This woman CANNOT be taken as a serious writer, she’s got no ability to defend her work in a sensible manner! “Forgive me if I go away now and get on with the rest of my day.” What the hell? I love that that fmk character got her so riled up and juvenile!

    I actually think I wouldn’t half mind reading one of the Bennett sisters’ blogs, if it was well done and the character was consistent. It could be kind of fun!

  2. You’re right. She basically had no arguments other than “the poor stupid average reader won’t know if the person’s real or not”. First of all, I think that the average reader isn’t that stupid. Second of all, so what? I remember the uproar when Million Little Pieces came out and then – oh my gosh! James Frey didn’t really experience everything he wrote about!
    Who cares? I don’t read books because they’re real. I read them for the story or the characters or whatever. If they’re real, fine. If not, fine. It doesn’t change the story.

    Anyhoo, there seem to be a lot of sequels to Pride and Prejudice, some focussing on Mary, some on Lydia, etc. And if they’re well done I can see myself enoying them. Why not with a blog?

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