Das erste Wiener Gemüseorchester – Unusual Wikipedia Monday

Isn’t it sad that I have to learn about this probably great Viennese group via Wikipedia? So, I hear you asking, what’s the deal, other than their name is translated to “The first Viennese Vegetable Orchestra”?

Well, actually, that’s their deal.

Their instruments, which are all of their own invention, include carrot recorders, clappers made from eggplant, trumpets made from zucchini, and numerous others, which are amplified with the use of special microphones. The instruments are made from scratch just one hour prior to each performance using the freshest vegetables available, then all ninety pounds of vegetables are cooked into a soup following the performance.


I know that you’re anxious to see them in action, which you can do here. Or maybe you just want to listen while looking at a picture of them in action?

Ambiente Verde


 The things in this world… I don’t know what to say… Let them speak for themselves:

who had the idea?
we don’t remember. it is not the idea that matters it is the realization. the idea was born and carried out by a group of people, who came from different musical backgrounds (improvisation, electronics, pop, rock, punk, contemporary,……) and have worked together before in various projects.

are you all vegetarians or vegans?
no we are not. don’t ask again. we’ve heard this question 3 million times.

are you serious about your music?
yes we are. this is not a just-for-fun project. 

If you say so…


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