The Glue Society – pretty cool (street) art projects.


A wonderful talk by John Green about teenagers and reading, books, literacy, literature and much much more.

An interview with Cory Doctorow.


On freedom of speech after a poet’s reading was cancelled in the UK because of some Christian nutcase.

UK thinks about a new law, criminalising johns.

As always, I have to return to the fact that criminalizing johns often puts prostitutes at greater risk — they have less time to vet customers and negotiate safe sex, and are forced underground.

Rape isn’t hilarious. Read the comments, too.


Resurrecting Mammoths seems to be possible.

So Beauty actually is Truth?!


Buffy vs. MacGyver. And probably, somehow, Brandon Walsh.

Completely Different Things

If Edward Cullen wrote love letters to Sarah Palin.

Blog Secrets – 80 bloggers anonymously crossposted their secrets on other blogs.

A great e-mail exchange.

Michael Reaves on living with Parkinson’s.

How to Beat Up the Batman. (And pretty much anything else.)

Have some eye candy, combined with a list. Can it get any better?

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