David Stoupakis – pop surrealism. Wonderful disturbing stuff.


Pride and Prejudice the facebook feed. (via deadra, among others)

The Private Life of Genghis Khan – short story by Douglas Adams.

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio’s Nobel Lecture.

Wonderful 6 Word Memoirs.

A lot of free fiction. From Asimov to King and more.

Philip Pullman answers questions.

Edible Books.

You can read Nerve: The First Ten Years in its entirety online.


Moist: Humidity Rising. A Dr. Horrible Webcomic.


Twilight in Sunnydale, the script:

Mr. Sparkly, meet Mr. Pointy.

Oh, and another Twilight in Sunnydale.

Problems with the Watchmen Movie.

Darren Aronofsky to direct new RoboCop movie.

Golden Globes nominations announced.

Ouverture Movies enables you to download the scripts to The Visitor and Last Chance Harvey.

How to write the perfect disaster movie.

Handling the Gay Male Kiss.

Star Wars, the Musical. No kidding.

The 8 most ridiculous plots of 2008.

Hugh Jackman will host the next Oscars.


Ha! Take this, bailout:


How Not to Teach About the Middle Passage.

Holy fucking shit. About the shooting of Road Trip II at a women’s college.

Australia wants to add third gender possibility to official documents.


Christian Domestic Discipline sounds positively horrifying.

Atheist sign at a nativity scene. Me likey.


Now, this is fucking amazing: Scientists can recreate the images people are seeing directly from their brains.

Meet Aiko, Fembot you can sleep with, but you don’t. Or do you?


They’re making an adaptation of DC’s fables, a really, really great comic and if you haven’t read it yet, do so right now.

Completely Different Things

Geni – Family Tree Software. Really cool stuff.

ROFL. Chinese poem turned out to be ad for brothel.

They Fight Crime! If you ever need a plot for a book. Or anything else.

50 famous last words in under 4 minutes:


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Kalfudra

    Happy New Year.

    You remember that post about family history repository? My cousins, who had to agree with the project since they are more numerous than I am and probably not as tech-savvy, settled on Geni. So we are all using it now. Great stuff. So I agree :-)

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