Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show

I went to see the Rocky Horror Show again. It was a new production, staged by Richard O’Brien himself. [The official production page is here, but it sucks and although there’s a English Button, I couldn’t push it. And it has sound.]

Okay, for everyone, who doesn’t know the story or the music or anything about it, GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE RIGHT NOW!

Everyone else can stay here and hear my thoughts on this production.


Because I love the movie so much and have seen it approximately a million times, every live show for me kind of has this problem of not being the movie. The actors sing differently, Frank-N-Furter is never as hot as Tim Curry‘s was etc etc.

But this production really pulled me in and made me forget that it wasn’t the movie. [Although Tim Curry still was the hotter Frank-N-Furter.] It was great. The casting was very well done, especially Riff Raff had a voice to knock you out of your boots high heels.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t like about it was the narrator – actor Alexander Goebel did it in German and the translation was really bad. Plus, I think that he read/spoke pretty badly.

What was missing, too, was the audience participation. I mean, people did the big things – like throwing toilet paper or using the water pistols, but nobody said any of the phrases, and throwing rice was forbidden.

I really liked the incorporation of film into the stage design, as well as the King Kong hand during “Don’t Dream It”.

Summarising, it was a very good production. Cool.

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