Top 10: TV Couples

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In tune with last week’s TV Themes, let’s stay with the glory that is TV Shows and have a look at who the couples are that make me root for them. Excessively.

What makes the whole thing difficult, though, is that I don’t watch a whole lot of TV shows were there’s much romance and when I do, I usually want all the couples to be happy. But I tried to make the list as little repetitive as possible.

10. Liz and Jack (30 Rock)


Okay, call me crazy. I know that there were like 500 moments in the show where the two of them look at each other and go “noooooo, never!” But I think that they would be great together. And I’m hoping for some amazing plot twist, even if it would mean getting rid of Salma Hayek. [And I love Salma Hayek and would never ever say that for any other reason.]

9. Elle and Gabriel (Heroes)


Uhm, yeah… sorry if that was a spoiler for the third season of Heroes. Fact is that their story was the only thing that made me continue to watch the show, even though they completely fucked it up, contradicting themselves like crazy. And then [Spoiler] they let Sylar kill Elle? Well, fuck you, too… [Spoiler End]. So, that’s done and I don’t watch it anymore. But this couple could have achieved greatness.

8. Jack and Ianto (Torchwood)


I miss Torchwood… Will it start again soon?

Anyway, Jack and Ianto. Not much romance there, but a lot of steaming hot sex with hot guys. And maybe someday, we’ll get a little closer at both of them and I suspect that there will be a lot of sweetness hidden between them.

Plus: avant garde sex?!

7. Jack and Allison and Nathan (Eureka)

group_2Please ignore Fargo, couldn’t find another picture with all three.

Okay, not exactly a couple but that would be a very nice threesome. This is one of the few love triangles were a) it’s not clear who Allison is going to end up with. [SPOILERS] Well, now that Nathan died it is. But I wouldn’t put a revival past them. [END SPOILERS] b) I don’t have a favourite, because both guys suck and are awesome to the same extent. And c) I’m not fed up with it.

Btw, I also really like Jo and Zane as a couple. But as I said, I will try to make this list more diverse.

6. Lorelai and Luke (Gilmore Girls)


Because they are so sweet together. And because it took them so long to get there. And because Luke is damn hot. And because they have such a good chemistry together. And because I love the show.

5. Gwen and Rhys (Torchwood)


Gwen and Rhys are great together. They love each other so much and they get through everything together. And Rhys is such a great guy. But most of all, I like their relationship because it’s so real, so realistic. They fight because of things that could actually bug the hell out of someone, not because the script needs more tension. They have the same problems other couples do. And they always work it out.

If they ever broke up, I would have to quit watching Torchwood, out of protest. Probably. Well, if it wasn’t for the rest of the cast. And the humour. But Gwen and Rhys are an essential part of the whole show.

4. Brenda and Fritz (The Closer)


Honestly, Brenda is a great character, but Fritz is the patron saint of patient people. While I love watching Brenda at work, that woman is high maintenance and I couldn’t live with her. But Fritz can, does and is happy with it. And he knows how to handle her. And he’s always there for her. And Brenda really loves him. And just as with Gwen and Rhys, they just are great together.

3. Phoebe and David (Friends)


David gets 6 episodes, alltogether. Not much. But he’s the kind of stereotype of the distracted professor – intelligent, socially a little awkward, clumsy, very sweet – and coupling that with Phoebe was a stroke of genius. That he had to leave for Minsk was heartbreaking, frankly and I so wanted him to come back. [Spoiler] Unfortunately, when he did, it was too late. [/Spoiler]

Friends is another one of those shows – I love Rachel and Ross together, and I especially love Monica and Chandler. But for the sake of diversity…

2. Buffy and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


I can hear you gasping, “What? Not Buffy and Angel?” Well, honestly, I’m not for the brooding types and Angel broods all the time. But here’s another case of the pain of choice. BtVS is choke full with great couples – Buffy and Angel, Tara and Willow, Anya and Xander, Willow and Oz.

But none of them made me do a happy dance when they kissed for the first time, except Spike and Buffy. Because the sexual tension was otherwordly between the two of them. And even if they weren’t really in love, or, well, Buffy wasn’t, theirs was a great time. Until [Spoiler] Spike tried to rape Buffy and suddenly things were really bad. [/Spoiler] But they were quite definitely the couple I rooted most for before that. I would have loved to have a happy ending for them. Even though I knew that it was really unrealistic that I’d get it.

1. Robin and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)


Well, they’re not a couple. Yet. At least I sincerely hope that it’s yet. They are the couple right now that I really want to get it on together and that I want to have a happily ever after. And where I see the realistic possibility that it could happen.

But this is only one of the reasons that keep me glued to this show. I also love Marshall and Lily as a couple. But apart from that, the show’s just great and should be compulsory for everyone who wants to have a laugh.


  1. Okay…without overthinking this, without ranking, and without repeating any of yours (not that they aren’t great – but what would be the fun in that?) – here goes:

    – Jed and Abbey Bartlett (“The West Wing”)
    – Mulder and Scully (duh)
    – Brennan and Booth (“Bones”)
    – Janeway and Chakotay (“Star Trek Voyager” – my first ship ever…before TPTB fucked them up)
    – Sheridan and Delenn (“Babylon 5”)
    – John Steed and Emma Peel (“The Avengers”)
    – Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan (“Criminal Minds”)
    – Christina and Burke (“Grey’s Anatomy”)
    – Abby and Luka (“ER”)
    – Justin and Brian (“Queer As Folk”)

  2. I don’t watch most of the shows you mention here, so I can’t really comment. Actually, I don’t really watch any of these shows… ;)

    But what you told me about Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan, I’m definitely with you on that one.

  3. I can tell you about the others sometime…I guess fair is fair, since I’ve never watched “30 Rock”, or “How I Met Your Mother”, and I stopped watching “Heroes” halfway into season 2, and I haven’t watched a single episode of “Torchwood”, yet. (But my time is running out…it’s coming to German TV and I really, really don’t want to get a German-speaking Captain Jack into my head.)

  4. *gasp*

    You know what, you seriously need to see at least How I Met Your Mother and Torchwood [You did see the new Doctor Who, didn’t you? Or else, you should start with the first two seasons – then it’s the start of Torchwood and you will need the ending of the third season of the Doctor to get everything in the second season of Torchwood.].

    And really, Torchwood is coming to German speaking TV? That means that there will be Torchwood DVDs. That is awesome! Any plans about the Doctor?

  5. Nope. I’ve been a very, very bad geek.
    But I will come with my external harddrive next time…so I can get Torchwood from you.

    Yes, it’s coming soon to RTL2, which is weird, because the Doctor was on Pro7. Well…at least they aired it.

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